Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Best Ever Sex Story

One day me and my co-worker Sue decided to go out for a beer after work. We've been flirting with each other at work for a few years and I was really glad she decided to accept my invitation. At the bar it only took a few beers before we were both hot to go back to her place.

When we got back to her place Sue started to drink HEAVY, (strong drinks quickly!!) It was after a bunch of drinks that her 19 year old daughter came into the room looking rather embarrassed that her mother was really drunk!

Don't get me wrong. I was 37 years old, (when all this happened,) and would have never considered seducing or being seduced by a teenager. But this girl was just so sexy that I couldn't help staring. This girl caught on that I was no longer attracted to her drunk mother and that I was staring at her incredible attractive, sexy body, (with her firm nicely shaped ass and a very nice pussy I could see the shape of through her skin tight slacks and a really sexy set of tiny titties!!!!

Well I guess she was also very horny because she started to do things to make me very, very horny for her, bending over to grab stuff out of the cupboard and wiggling her ass back and forth, standing behind her mother so her mother couldn't see and rubbing her pussy and smiling and sticking her tongue out at me. Just driving me insane with LUST for her!!

When her mother staggered to the washroom this sexy little goddess quietly came up to me and whispered in my ear, "I can't wait until mom passes out on you so you can sneak to my room! She's a really heavy sleeper when she's drinking. I'll be waiting wearing only a t-shirt and some really sexy panties! I am soooooo horny and a friend of mine told me that super horny older men were really awesome at making young pussy feel really, really good!!!

WELL!!! I Made Sue's next drink even stronger and coaxed her into her room. Just my luck as soon as she laid down on her bed she passed right out on me! She was SNORING up a storm in 5 seconds flat!

I proceeded to sneak out of her room in search of a very horny and sexy teen! When I found her room and entered in, the little sex kitten was crawling around on her bed wearing, (as promised,) a cut off t-shirt and some really sexy thongs!! When she noticed me she turned her tight little teen ass towards me looked over her shoulder and said, "can you pull my panties down and make me cum please???"

"The first thing I'm going to do to make you cum is to put you over my knee, pull your panties down, spank you and feel your nice bum up and finger you from behind until you make my fingers really, really wet!!"

I took my pants off, crawled onto the bed and grabbed her panties and pulled them off. GOD her pussy was shaved!! And the nicest smooth pussy I ever seen!!! "Wow!! Your big!!" She exclaimed happily.

"And your tight little body makes me so fucking horny!" I gasped, pulling her over my knees so that her smooth shaved pussy was rubbing against my big hard cock and started spanking her hard on her sexy hard ass! GOD her ass was nice! I started to touch and feel her ass and reaching down between her legs I inserted two fingers into her tight wet pussy after a few minutes of this she literally squirted on my hands and cock with her nice little ass squirming around and she moaned very loudly!! She WAS HORNY!!

I grabbed her off my knees, threw her on the bed on her hands a knees again crawled up behind her and started smelling her ass and pussy and licking the cum from behind... This girl was making me hornier than I've ever been. Her pussy smelled so damn delicious and sexy! I stayed behind her and licked her from behind tell she started screaming as another big orgasm tore though her body! WOW! This was amazing!

Now it was time to fuck this sexy little girl. I grabbed her by the hips and gently eased my big cock into her tight wet pussy from behind. Her ass looked even sexier as my big cocked plunged in and out. She was moaning really loud shouting, "YES!!" and "GOD!!" and "Please DON"T FUCKING STOP!!!" I picked up her panties while I was fucking her and started smelling them... HOLY SHIT! Teen panties have a smell that increases how horny a man is immensely!!! I was in heaven with all these sensations!

I don't know how I did it but I didn't cum right away. Which was the hardest thing to do. Between the sight of her extremely sexy ass bouncing while my cock plunged in and out, the sounds of her very horny moans, the feel of her really tight and wet pussy on my big cock and the very yummy smell of her panties, I was going insane with lust! I lasted over an hour humping this sex goddess from behind, (giving her several BIG orgasms!!!!) When I finally did let myself cum, the orgasm I had was so intense that I felt dizzy and thought I was going to pass out!! Seriously!! I didn't know the human body had that much capacity for pleasure!

Well any ways this night of intense pleasure lasted all night for me and this girl and I was able to sneak back into her mother's room before she woke up, (none the wiser!!) "That was a great night, Sue!!"

She pretended that she didn't black out the night before!! "It sure was!!!"

Needless to say I didn't see any more of Sue after work but I did have a lot of very pleasurable visits over the next couple of months from a certain super horny teen, (even after I left the company Sue and I were working at!) We became Sex Addicts with a capitol S&A!! She would even show up at my door with a friend or two, (she promised that she swore these girls to secrecy,) to make the sex night even more interesting!! My job was to make sure they all had many orgasms so they would really want to come back. I got very good at doing this!!!! The sex got better with every visit, believe it or not!

This is my true story of how I discovered that sex can be EXTREMELY pleasurable!!! I'm pretty sure those naughty little girls turned me into a dirty old man, (I've only read about before this horny naughty teen showed up in my life.)

Sex With Neighbour's Wife

It was raining heavily when Tony stepped outside into
the covered patio to light a cigarette. It usually
rains heavily in the late winters in Ohio. Tony was a
little tired after coming back from Edison, NJ where
he had gone to drop his wife at her sister's place.
His wife would be at her sister's place for about a
month to help her out with the arrival of a newborn
Sex In Elevator

He found himself dashing across the hotel lobby, his toolbox
banging against one leg, as he raced to make the elevator before
it closed. He had to stick his arm in to keep it from closing, and
he managed to slide in, with a sigh of relief. It only took a few
seconds for Rich to realize that he was not alone in the elevator.
He looked behind him and noticed a beautiful, ravishing blonde-
haired woman standing against the back wall of the elevator,
wearing an expensive business outfit, holding a leather tote-bag
in front of her. She looked extremely young - no more than 21, if
even that
Real Life Sex Expereince(Learn From It)

This story should be a wake up call to all couples out there; that
just because someone seem to be your friend, pay attention to
the little voice that warns you something's wrong. A "friend" of
mine started arranging part-time jobs for me (all perfectly legal,
but they kept me from home). I'd be gone for hours @ a time.
Mitch (not his real name), knew where I'd be & how long I'd be
gone. on one of these jobs, I was going to be gone overnight.
Mitch promised he'd look in on my wife, to make me feel better
about leaving. This all sounded plausible, even "friendly" to me.
But that little voice told me something was wrong. Something just
didn't seem right. But i dismissed this as paranoia
Mother, Brother & Sister Having Sex

Faiza was upset. She was going to swimming today but could not do so. Her pubes were showing
through her swimming suite and she had no hair removing cream to remove them. Suddenly she
thought of using her brother's razor. Amir was two years her senior, she was 15, and they shared a
common bathroom. Each had a door from their room into the bath. She went outside and made sure
that he was not home. Relax she went to the bathroom and opened his cabinet. His Gillette razor
was lying next to his shaving foam. After taking of her clothes she inspected her pubes. They were
thick and black and covered her virgin pussy like a blanket. Faiza was a beautiful girl. She had 34B
sized breasts, slender waist and round buttocks. She slowly applied the foam on her pubes. In her
religion, girls are not supposed to play with their pussies, but she was finding it hard not to touch
the small bud at the top of her pink pussy. She slightly touched it and a shiver of ecstacy ran
through her. She hadn't played with herself and did not know to do any further so she picked up the
razor and carefully began to remove her hair. She was so much absorbed in it that she did not hear
her brother come inside.

Having Sex With an unconscious girl

30 years in India is a difficult age to be at. The younger girls look at
you with respect that you do not want And the older ones are all
fixed up with
some one or the other. I always had considered my self to be young
Enough to
find a girl to myself, but of late the admiring eyes of girls were
showing more
respect then lust.
I had recently moved into a new apartment. One of my first instincts
I move to a new place is to check out all sides of the house and
locate a few
interesting girls. The place didn't seem very promising Initially but
as I
settled down I did manage to spot some interesting faces and figures.
Indian girls have this major hang ups about moving around with guys
dating. The family Somehow does not like this and are extremely
possessive of
their daughters and are often wary of the Company they keep. But the
biological impulses in the girls often provide ample opportunity to
On a look out like me.
I spotted this pretty slim girl staying opposite my house and got
immediately hooked on to her.She as usual didn't show much interest
in me. She
use to hang around in her balcony every day. She had a Lovely figure
which she
did not believe in hiding it. The skirts she wore were often short
and tight,
she Never wore a bra below her dress. I kept ogling at her with a
hard on but
she didn't give a single look. I often spotted her in the house
pulling her
shirt off but could never see her fully unclothed. Her family use to
go out and
she use to be all alone in the house at least for five hours a day.
One day as I was driving back to my place I saw a woman struggling
with a
nasty looking Character, before I could stop my car and jump out the
mugger hit
her hard on her head and took off with her purse. I initially thought
of running
after the mugger but when I saw the woman collapsing I ran to grab
her. I was
surprised to see that it was my neighbor who had been mugged. I
carried her back
to my car and Drove back home. I knew her family would be back in a
few hours so
I decided to take her back to my place.
I managed to get her up to my drawing room sofa. She was still
unconscious, I cleaned her face with a wet cloth and applied some ice
to her
head. She was not bleeding but had a nasty lump on her head. She
opened her eyes
and appeared to be in pain, I told her all was ok and that she was at
my place.
She could Not remember my face, I told her that I was a neighbor.
Her head hurt
she said, I gave her a pain killer and a Glass of juice.
I in my worry had lost all the sexual interest in her. Suddenly I
began to
realize the position in Which I and she were. She seemed to have
dozed off
again. The painkiller seemed to have had a soothing effect on her. I
had never
forced my self on a woman all my life but this girl was some thing
else. I
wanted her so badly that I cock was already displaying signs of
impatience. I
took a good look at her. She was wearing one of the newer fashioned
Kameez that fitted her body rather well. She was breathing normally.
I took her face in my lap, she looked like an angel, I felt angry
myself for trying to ruin this virgin but my body was not with my
mind. I bent
and kissed her lightly on her lips. Her lips were soft like the snow
and the
perfume she wore made me more horny. I moved my hands over her
medium sized
breasts. Her breathing increased a bit. I decided to venture further.
I turned
her over to open the zipper at the back of her Kameez and her lovely
back was
displayed in all its charm. Her skin was like white marble and felt
like silk.
The strap of her red bra was visible from the back . I unhooked the
bra and
removed her Kameez all together. As I turned her over her lovely
breasts were
displayed in front of me. They were not large but were very firm. Her
swelled as I put my fingers over them. Her nipples had a lovely dark
tan and
swelled up a lot when touched. I was getting terribly excited and the
girl was
still not in her senses. I put my mouth over her nipples and rotated
my tongue
around them, she seemed to quiver a bit but settled down quickly. My
covered her nipples I couldn't get enough of those lovely breasts, I
bit lightly
in to her breast and noticed slight pain in her expression as she
slept on.
The lower part of her body was still covered. I untied the string of
Salwar and pushed in down. Hoping to find a panty I was surprised to
see her
hairy pussy without one. I had not seen so much hair on any other
pussy ( Demi
Moore was no where close to her). She had never trimmed her self
down under. I
ran my hand through her pussy hair. I could see her pussy lips
between her
hair. I started rubbing her pussy lips with my finger. Finding the
position too uncomfortable I carefully got up and placed her head on
the sofa
and took my clothes off.
My Cock was ready to explode. It had been a while since I had slept
some one and the thought of deflowering this sleeping beauty was a
max turn on.
I opened her legs up and got my face closer to her pussy. She smelled
divine. I
used my fingers to open up her pussy lips and they parted ever so
unwillingly. I
could see the pink inner part of her pussy. She was slightly wet and
the musky
odour from her cunt was driving me crazy. I gave her a lick with the
tip of my
tongue. She quivered in her sleep, I opened her pussy lips and licked
the inside
of her pussy. Her pussy tasted slightly salted but I loved the taste.
Her pussy
was very small quite understandably, as she had not yet experienced a
man's cock
inside her.
It feels great to tell you that I am a regular reader of stories. First of all I want to introduce myself. I am Sameer, I am 26 year old a software professional working in Noida, bordering Delhi. I am 5’10" with good looking personality, normally I got second looks from girls and ladies. My family is in Aligarh, UP. Theincident which I am going to tell you was happened one year back.It was a incident of last July, the weather was pleasant and I was travelling by Gomti Express.There was a rush in the train and I luckily got the seat adjusting to an elderly couple. After train moved from
Aligarh, a
very pretty girl having height 5’5" with very sexy boobs and round ass, she was aroung 25 years,
had a big
luggage with her searching for seat. She was wearing pick colored shalwar, kamees (her dopatta
was not at
the right place as she was busy managing the luggage), her name was Nazy. She was searching for
seat, and
when she passed by me, I offered my seat to her and I stud up new by.Delhi is not far away from
just 1 h 45 minute run by express trains.
She was very happy to get the seat, after sometime, she realized that it is possible to adjust four if
adjust a little bit, so she offered me to sit on the small corner. I sat there but it gets me little uneasy
her left thigh was continuously in contact of mine and her arms were brushing my chest. After
some time
she tried to put her small bag on the shelf over her head, her left breast was brushed my elbow, she
what happened, but she didn’t seems to mind. My cock got a sudden erection, but I controlled my
self in a
few minutes. I got some courage and started chatting her and the train was passing by Khurja Jn.
She told
me that she is a web-designer, and going delhi to appear in some job interview and the place was
close to my
room & office.
She also told that she lives in Rehmat Bano hostel in Aligarh, and Varansi is her home town. I was
living alone
at that time & my room was small to accommodate any guest. In the mean time, to adjust myself
from falling
from the seat, I slightly pushed toward her, I got a full body contact by her left side, I was surprised
see that she didn’t resisted, instead she adjusted herself slightly backward, I’ve now full contact of
left breast. I started slightly pressing my elbow on here breast, but she didn’t resisted, instead she
giving a mysterious smile. Fortunately that was a holiday and I don’t had to do any work after reaching Delhi. After reaching
She asked me if I could company her to the interview place. As I was free, I readily agreed her
and that too to my way. After some time my room arrived, we went to room for a short period to
put my
things and left for her interview. The interview place was a walking distance from my room, so I
left her
and returned to my room. I told her after interview, she may come to my room, if she wishes. She
and promised to come after interview. I’d taken a brief nap, before her arrival (wow my heart was
IN N OUT, a girl in my room).
When she came I forget to hide a porn mag which was lying new my bed, I hurriedly put the mag
below the
newspaper stack. After that I said to her to get refreshed and take some rest, she said ok, and went
bathroom to get refreshed. After that I came out from the bathroom after taking bath. I returned, I
didn’t believe what I saw, she brought out that porn mag and was watching nude pictures. Seeing
me she
hurriedly closed the mag & she was little bit embarrassed, but I ignored and said it will be better if
take a nap as I’d to buy necessary items, she agreed. I locked the door from outside and left.
When I came back, she was in a deep slumber. Her dopatta was away and she was lying with her
back, her
breasts where aiming towards the ceiling like a mini domes. I tried not to do anything wrong to her,
but in
vein. I changed my cloths and came back. This time I was in shorts and tea-shirt. I stretch myself
parallel to
her and pretended as I am also sleeping. Slowly I put my hand on her stomach and started roaming
then I moved upward and caressed over one of her breast. I was trying to do slow as I don’t wanted
wake her, started roaming my hand on both of her breasts and I also put my one leg on let on her
thigh, I
tried my knee to insert between her legs and succeeded.No I’m getting very very hot so strarted
here boobs lightly. Her boobs were very firm.
This was too much for me and I was loosing control on myself and started kissing her neck, she
wriggled a
bit but didn’t wake,I was not bothering if she wakes. My seven inch rod was hot like a fire. My one
hand was
pressing her right boob another was sliding up and down over her shalwar, suddenly I got her nara.
I pulled
her nara and eased her shalwar, she was not wearing panty. Now my fingers were sliding up and
down the folds of her pussy making them open, she moaned SSSSS and slightly opened her legs, I got full
access to
her pussy. And suddenly she wakes up. I was afraid that she might be angry but instead she
removed her
kurta and said "now it will be easy for you to do wants you want" and planted a deep French kiss.
Her tongue was inside my mouth exploring my tongue, my hand on her both boobs pressing them
hard, her
shalwar falls down. My other hand was busy unclasping her bra, I did it within no time, wow her
boobs were
firm and with dark nipples and big black circles around her nipples. I removed my mouth and
downward and rested on her erect nipples. I was pinching one and sucking another, she was making
like PLEASEEEEEE OOOOUCHH, SSSSSS, and she was pushing her pussy in me, and started
was all wet with
her fluid, I slid my middle finger deep inside her cunt to check her virginity, but she was not virgin.
I though that this is a right time to do as my cock also in need of her choot. I lay her on the floor
and she
opened her legs. I came between her legs and I was rubbing the end of my penis against her wet
choot, up
and down feeling her clit with my panis. She moaned," Pleaseeee fuck me, don’t waste time" I put
the head
of my lund on her choot and slight push, and I watched it slide in slowly, her vagina enveloped my
hole lund.
Love juices were coming out from her choot. My lund went tearing, deep inside her"Aaaaaaaaaah
ouchhhhh, pleaseeeee ssssssslowwww", she said! I could feel the enveloping
She was jumping her hips under me, raising her hips and choot to meet my strokes. I continued to
fuck her,
deeper and harder, side by side squeezing and sucking her breasts and nipples periodically. Her face
redand her moaning started taking acceleration, so I increased my speed too. "pleaseeeeee
yessssssssss ddddddddddon’t stop I am cominggggggggggg", and simultaneously she shuddered
into a really
wild orgasm. I waited for her to normalize as I still not satisfied. After few seconds I started
fucking her
harder as I also building pressure and I exploded in a few stroke. I came inside her.
After this incident I am bold enough to fuck ladies, we had fucked several times with her and her